Company profile
In the early 70s it was opened by Dr. (Engr) Angelo Conforti the CPS Chemical which was intended to produce detergents and chemical products for the industry.

Due to the quest for expansion , in the 80s it was turned into Condor Chemical for the entry of a new shareholder and the production was extended to the community online.

In the year 1997, the Condor Chemical obtained the first patent for industrial invention.

In 2000 Condor Chemical was officially opened and now run by Giovanni Conforti , son of the founder who specializes on cleaning products for car washes while preserving the community and industral line.

In 2008 it was included marine line which join the other recommended lines helping to considerably increase the production of detergents.

In 2010 Condor Chemical expanded significantly on the market for the wide range and high quality production which became a leader in the auto industry with wax-based polish and silicones and the production of innovative cleaning, guarantee maximum biodegradability.

A laboratory equipped with advanced machinery mean that the Condor Chemical is constantly looking for new products to an increasingly professional and demanding market.

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